Cultural crossovers: creating current Pop music

Make way for the modern, globalized pop scene which features collaborations from artists ranging from English pop to K-pop and Latino pop genres. For a long time, the global pop industry has been dominated by hits released by English or American artists. However, today’s top global hits is experiencing more language and genre diversity as a result of globalization and growing online social platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Kimmy Stewart

ALBUM REVIEW: Dream Theater – “Distance Over Time”

The king of the progressive metal community Dream Theater’s 14th studio album “Distance Over Time” is one of the most intriguing albums of their career. Since the drummer Mike Portnoy has left the band, they had some hard times to find their style. They had a great substitute with Mike Mangini, who is one of the most “technical” drummers in the world, but they had mixed reviews for his performances in the last albums. His drum sound was considered a bit robotic and most of the critics said that he is not able to play as “soulful” as Portnoy. They also didn’t make really heavy albums with Mangini as they did with Portnoy. In a way, this album is a test for Mangini’s writing skills and his contribution to the band.

Umut Onuralp Polat

JAMES SENESE – NAPOLI CENTRALE | Triennale Teatro dell’Arte 03/11/2018

Inauguro la mia rassegna del Jazz con un artista col quale, da brava Partenopea, ho un legame particolarmente radicato: James Senese.

Il suono del suo sassofono, il funky-blues inconfondibile Napoletano, rievocano inevitabilmente le musiche di Pino Daniele, nostalgica colonna sonora di quelle tipiche mattine di domenica col sole anche d’inverno.

Il concerto gira intorno al nuovo album della band Aspettanno ‘o Tiemp, che contiene grandi successi del passato più due inediti, di cui uno scritto da Edoardo Bennato, intitolato ll’America.

Club To Club 2018 – Friday, Nov 2

Firstly, we have to admit we did not know what to expect from this festival. We mainly wanted to go to Turin to listen to music; in general, we were just naively curious because people were talking about it in such an enchanted way. Needless to say, we were shocked from the very first moments – “naively curious”, remember?

Elena Pellizzari
Gianluca Trucco
Vijeet Karlapalem

Russ “There’s Really a Wolf in Europe” Tour @ Alcatraz, Milano

The night Alcatraz saw happening on Thursday was one of a kind. American rapper Russ came to Milan during his There’s Really a Wolf in Europe Tour to present his homonymous debut album.  And whoa – his first show in Italy definitely left a mark on the audience.

The artist is widely known for being a self-made man: one that writes, produces, mixes and engineers his whole music on his own, a “DYI pioneer”. Before the album, he put out 11 mixtapes, going through as much grind as one could imagine. Just the time to put together his best Soundcloud hits and the album was done.

Elena Pellizzari